Photo Requirements

The artist can decline working with a customer who does not have a good quality photo reference. 


The artist is not responsible for major inaccuracy if the customer sends photos that fall under the "don'ts" list below. 



  • No blurry / pixelated photos. 

  • No flash from camera

  • No color / social media filters

  • No strange shadows that don't allow me to see the markings and color accurately

  • No screenshots or scans 

  • No photos taken further than 3 feet away from pet if possible

  • No photos of pet taken upside down or if they pet's eyes are closed.

  • No photos where objects are blocking most of the pet in the foreground


Pastel Portrait Care:

Your portrait is made of soft pastels and done on pastel paper.  Soft pastels are a dry medium unlike oil or acrylic paints and is NOT the same as regular chalk. 

It creates a beautiful soft look that ranges between appearing like a painting and a drawing and is pure pigment that lasts as long as you keep it framed behind glass and preferably away from constant direct sunlight just like most of any type of artwork.  

Because of the manipulative nature of the medium, the artist smudges and blends the pastels with her fingers.  There is not a final fixative on the final layer due the altercation of the color it creates. Many pastel artists use this same technique.  Your painting will last because of the unchanging nature of the pigment in the medium and the way they are made to adhere to surfaces. Because there is a lack of oil binders there will be nothing to degrade the quality of the work itself.  

If you choose to buy unframed, the artist will ship it carefully packaged and protected, but just remember, your portrait will need to be matted and framed ASAP by a professional for an archival and beautiful piece of fine art! 



Shipping Issues/Failure to Pay:

Cancellation / Schedule Delay

Within one week following the retainer payment, you can cancel their order and request a refund.  After one week from the date the order was placed, the retainer is nonrefundable.

If the artist was only booked out only a month in advance when you ordered, you should expect your portrait at the expected date she projected.  

If the artist was booked out several months in advance at the time you placed your order, the projected date of completion could be subject to change..  She will give you a particular month she will be working on your portrait, but it may end up being completed the month after.  

If the portrait is not completed that following month from the projected month, the customer may receive a small discount for the delay, but not a refund. 


Framing and shipping turnaround time could take an additional 1-2 weeks from completion.

If there is an unexpected emergency with the artist or the artist's family such as a death, illness, or injury, and there is an authentic excuse from a doctor or similar care provider in which the artist will have to delay the portrait completion or cancel the portrait completion, there will be no refund.  

Satisfaction / Redo's: 

Customer can request minor adjustments to their drawing. 

If customer is completely unsatisfied due to miscommunication or they found a better quality photo, they are allowed ONE free complete redo.  Customer must provide better quality photo or clear instructions on what they desire to be changed. Customer will only receive one portrait, not both.  The artist has a right to use the other portrait for advertisement or to sell. 

If customer is still unsatisfied after the one free redo, the customer will not receive any portrait, the artist will recommend another artist, the retainer will be non-refundable, and the customer will NOT have to pay any remaining balance.

Artist is unable to continue to give away portraits and her time for free if she cannot please the customer after the one free re-do, especially if the work is consistent with her portfolio. 

Any re-do portraits may take longer to complete as the artist will have to keep on track with her usual schedule for other customers. 

Shipping / Framing Issues:

If your portrait was successfully delivered to the correct address according to the Tracking, but you claim you didn't receive it, the artist will do her best to help you locate it or give you one free re-do, but money is non-refundable.  Again, the artist's time is valuable and her part as the artist was completed once the portrait was completed and approved before shipping and it was shipped to the address on file.  I cannot give away portraits for free due to any unfortunate false claim. 

If your portrait gets smudged accidentally during shipment or upon opening, you may mail it back, I will reimburse the shipping charge, it will be fixed, and mailed back. 

Any re-do portraits may take longer to complete as the artist will have to keep on track with her usual schedule for other customers. 

Artist is not responsible / liable if the framed portrait causes any injuries to the customer for any reason. 

Failure to Pay in Full:

Once a final invoice has been sent, customer has to pay in full within 30 days from when the invoice was sent unless otherwise stated in a written agreement (such as a payment plan) If no payment and no response, the artist has full rights to sell the portrait, use for advertising, or discard. 

Advertising / Prints

The artist has full rights to use photos of artwork for marketing / advertising purposes in print, online, and at local events.  

If the artist asks to use a portrait to show at a local event, and the customer agrees, this means that the portrait may take longer for the customer to receive (will be mailed after the show is completed).  The artist is not required to give discounts for this agreed waiting period., even if the event gets canceled. 

The artist has a right to make and sell prints or duplicates of any artwork. 


The customer has no right to make and sell prints or duplicates of the artwork. 

Thank you  for reading and understanding! 

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