Gift Voucher / Gift Certificate

Imagine Christmas morning... your loved one sees a small wrapped gift.....

They open it.  They see a gift voucher and pamphlet about pet portraits. 

They first wonder what it is.... and then it hits them.  

Them:  "Is this what I think it is?!"

You:  "The artist has a waitlist, but I got you on her calendar, it's paid for, and all you have to do is customize it the way you want!  It'll be ready in 2020!" 

Them:   "THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!" 



You don't have to worry about choosing the wrong photo reference or the wrong background color or the wrong size portrait for a loved one!   This is a thoughtful, unique gift which you either cover in cost and schedule ahead of time (voucher) OR you give them a huge discount when they decide to order (certificate).  Either way, you are being generous and THEY get to customize to their desire!  

What is a Gift Voucher?


  • You order the pet portrait ahead of time and I send you either a printed version or a digital version of the voucher/pamphlet. 

  • You present the Gift Voucher however you feel led to boost excitement.  They read from it to see that you have ordered a custom pet portrait and are on the waitlist. 

  • You can pay 40% retainer now and the remaining later, or you can pay in full upfront.

  • Your loved one contacts me to customize (photos, background color, etc).  If they decide to upgrade in size, they can pay the remaining.  :)


What is a Gift Certificate?

  • This is a set value (minimum of $100) certificate to give your loved one towards a pet portrait. 

  • Your loved one will be responsible for contacting me to order and customize.

  • I will only add them to my calendar when they are ready to pay the remaining amount.

  • One Year Expiration to redeem