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I'm Olivia and I am your professional pastel painter. 

My specialty since 2016 has been creating pastel portraits of pets.

I'll also be creating portraits of children.  

I'd love to create for you a beautiful unique piece of art for your home.

Why choose me?


Unlike other photo-realism painters, my BFA degree is in photography.  I use my photographic expertise to create an idealistic rendering of the subject.  



Although my style is photo-realism, I do not aim for hyper-realism. 
Due to the special nature of soft pastels and the way I perform mark-making, layering, and blending, the final aesthetic of the piece can appear like a cross between a drawing and a painting.  I like to make the subject realistic enough, while still incorporating my own unique style to it.  


Artwork has been seen in Greenville Talk Magazine and via TV star (and my cousin) Cameran Eubanks Wimberly. 

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I use Soft Pastels

You may hear many fine art artists use oil or acrylic for portrait paintings.  

However, I use soft pastels.  Soft pastels are pure dry pigment combined with just enough binder to form into sticks that provide a beautiful, soft, matte finish.  It’s the same medium Masters of the Renaissance (such as Leonardo da Vinci) used in portraits and many modern artists in the UK still use today.  Pastels are made to adhere to textured surfaces, but will need to be kept behind glass as the medium can still smudge due to that lack of binder. This does not mean a lack of quality, but actually a purer quality.  The less binder, the purer the pigment.  This results in a very precious, very classic piece of art that can be cherished forever.  

How to Order a Pastel Portrait

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What happens after that?

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1.  After you send your photos, retainer, and form, I begin working on the drawing. 

I wish I had shown a better size referen

2.  I send you a photo of the final drawing for approval. 

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3.  Choose framing by me or unframed. 

Pay remaining + shipping.
And then show off your final piece to friends and family!